Tuesday, July 27, 2010

100 Reasons to Watch the NBA This Season, Part 2

Reason #78: To Learn What it Means to be Born Ready.
We told you this would happen. To celebrate our first 100 posts, we're giving back. We've put together 100 reasons to watch this season. Consider these a mouthwash for this off-season of stink. Some can be considered predictions, some are sure things, and some may just be hopes that will fade before the schedule is even released. Whatever the case, read them all and get excited again. Remember, reasons #101 through infinity belong in the comments section. Don't know if you can tell, but we're excited to finally be able to watch some ball.

80. The Van Gundy Bros.
The best, right? Stan got an early start voicing his legendary brand of displeasure, talking serious trash about how the slumber party kids handled this off-season. Jeff is creeping towards Barkley status with some of the gems that come out of his mouth during games.

79. Jews!
Omri Casspi! Jordan Farmar, kind of! Amar'e Stoudemire, or something! Whatever. Even 1 3/4 Jewish players is pretty solid for the NBA.

78. To Learn What it Means to be Born Ready.
Lance Stephenson will make an impact, we promise. Please believe us.

77. Whatever Publicity Stunt David Stern Pulls Before the Season Starts.
He's already hit us with the dress code and that weird ball that was used for half a season, but look out for something bigger this year. With the league enjoying unprecedented off-season attention for all the wrong reasons, look for the Commish to rip the focus back to the game. New flopping rules, perhaps?

76. Death Knell of a Darling.
The Hawks will probably ride their post-season anti-momentum and be bad, like sideshow bad. Lazy, complacent, and selfish, they’ll be exponentially worse if they sign Shaq. But here's hoping these one-time League Pass heroes flame out as spectacularly as they entered.

75. Greg Oden's Junk.
Will it appear on the internet again?

74. Blake Griffin's Junk.
He got injured and missed an entire season after being the first pick in the draft, just like Oden did. Will his junk's career also copy Oden's?

73. This Blog's Preoccupation With Players' Junk.
We're only sorry that we're not sorry.

72. You'll Learn A Ton About Sports Law.
Free agency taught us all an awful lot about the Collective Bargaining Agreement, but with said agreement looking for renewal, get ready to flex your brain muscles even more.

71. TruthAboutIt.
Because we’re so excited to see this new Wizards team we can barely contain it, we straight up envy these dudes. We’ll be reading them all year long.

70. To Find Out if the Zach Randolph Renaissance Continues.
We’re as curious as you are to see if this headcase-turned-workhorse can keep it rolling.

69. The Client List Starring Jennifer Love Hewitt.
We did say “excited” and “balls.”

68. The Houston Rockets, Playoff Team.
Long gone are the eras of T-Mac or Ron-Ron. We smile nervously as with our fingers crossed as we enter the first full season with Scola, Battier, Brooks, K-Mart and Healthy Yao…

67. Another Year of Yao.
Hopefully the Rockets will learn to pace him correctly during the regular season so he can dominate the post-season like he's supposed to. Because you love him; we all do.

66. Pat Riley’s Schemes.

65. Phil Jackson’s Flashbacks.

64. Don Nelson’s Fever Dreams.

63. Mic’d Up.
The idea of giving a microphone to anybody within a hundred yards of a competitive basketball game is insane.

62. Kobe Bryant Hates Raja Bell.
And Raja Bell laughs about it. Bell played Kobe and the Lakers for fools filling the reservoir of bad blood to the brim. Come the first Laker-Jazz game, this is gonna get physical.

61. Steve Nash is Indestructible.
We feel like Nash's warped, ultra-competitive psyche interprets this season as a dare. Don't be surprised when he turns at least one player you've never really thought about into your favorite player for a week. Or convinces Hedo to quit pizza.

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Come back tomorrow for reasons 60-41!

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