Friday, August 20, 2010

No Regard Exclusive: Kobe and Kanye Transcript!

So the "Power (Remix)" finally dropped, and it's pretty momentous. But as we've learned, it's a miracle that it turned out so well. It's not news that Kobe was in the studio with Kanye helping him unpack the idea of "power," but we've got the exclusive transcript of their conversation.

Kanye: Aight Mamba, man, what you got for me? How can I make my verse legendary?

Kobe: Me and Ron-Ron, gonna beat LeBron.

Kanye: Uh, that's sorta weak, fam. This is for my song remember. Artest would love the shout out, though... What else?

Kobe: Gonna beat the heat, Three-peat skeet, skeet.

Kanye: Anybody ever tell you what skeet is?

Kobe: Yeah, here's another rhyme: Eagle Colorado, you know I'm gonna score...

Kanye: You don't wanna go there fam.

Kobe: I was gonna rhyme it with "whore."

Kanye: Stop.

Kobe: Beware of the mam-ba, I gonna drop a bomb-a, da explosion clear the lane, Kobe gonna bring the pain.

Kanye: Well it's your best so far, fam. But I'd say "Kanye" instead of "Kobe." Cause again, it's my song.

Kobe: Then you can't use it.

Kanye: ...

Kobe: 'Bron got nothin on me, I don't need no Witness.

Kanye: Alright alright, that's hot, where you goin' with it...

Kobe: I moved so much Coke, put Pepsi outta bidness.

Kanye: Come on fam, everybody know I never sold drugs to get by.

Kobe: LeBron can't win, he's a really big bitch, Miami Big Willie-style, I really liked Hitch.

Kobe: In West Philadelphia, Born and raised...

Kanye: Forget it. We'll go with the Eagle, Colorado line.

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