Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Team Dreamin' 2011: Clippers

At No Regard, we love basketball. We love the spectacle and strategy of the game, but sometimes the league's lack of imagination confounds and disappoints us. Call us optimists, visionaries, or kids who watched too much Space Jam, but we have ideas. Damn are we gonna share 'em.

During the 09'-10' season the Clippers ranked 20th in the NBA in attendance averaging a meek 16,343 fans per home game. The team they share an arena with, who also happen to be the best team in the league and start Kobe Bryant at 2 guard, were far better at bringing in fans averaging 18,997 attendees per home game. The Clippers should shed their role as the younger, uglier and dumber little-brother franchise of Los Angeles and head to greener pastures. Well maybe not greener, but certainly brighter.

Clip-Show, please move to Las Vegas.

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This would be a perfect marriage for both Vegas and the Clippers. The NBA and Stern already flirt with Sin City having held the 2007 All-Star festivities there as well as the annual NBA summer league. The empty seats that are so often noticiable during Clippers home games in LA would be ancient history if they jumped ship to Nevada. Instead, the arena would be filled with locals and tourists thrilled to have another entertainment option and unlike Carrot Top's standup, they could gamble on this entertainment and then drive right down the road to watch it live.

Talk about the best home court advantage in the entire NBA. For visiting teams the actual game itself would definitely take a backseat to knowing that afterwards they have the option to throw craps at the Venetian. Unlike when Seattle moved to OKC this would not necessarily isolate the Clippers fan base with their franchise's new home just a short drive from Southern California.

The Clippers need to do something. They need to follow Kurt Russell's lead. They need a fresh start. They need their own identitiy in a city that accepts every single loser and degenerate that comes its way.
They need to be fabulous.


  1. Sure, the Clips could move to Las Vegas, but that would require ALL Vegas sportsbooks to take the NBA off their boards. There is NO way that this could happen. Too much money to be lost. Don't you think the Maloof's (Kings owners) would have left Sac for to Sin City already? The Palms makes too much coin off NBA fans for the brothers Maloof to even consider a move.

  2. Thanks for the comment Wil. Let me ask you, why would the Vegas sportsbooks have to take the NBA off their boards? Is there some sort of law that would not allow betting if a franchise was based in Vegas?