Friday, August 13, 2010

No Regard Video Exclusive: Rajon Rondo Wins, Then Loses

NRVE (No Regard Video Exclusives) are our videos. We shoot them, we cut them, we post them. You watch them. It's that simple. Check back for more on-the-spot video updates from major basketball events and original content that hopefully makes you laugh as much as Steve Nash's YouTube channel. 

We told you there was more.

Our second NRVE showcases two of our favorite moments from Thursday night's WBF Radio City festivities: Rajon Rondo throwing an insane, game-winning, alley-oop pass to Tyson Chandler during sudden death overtime, and then subsequently standing around awkwardly trying to find a seat in a packed Radio City Music Hall.

Rondo's alley-oop was a moment unlike anything we've ever seen in a basketball game. Granted, there was really nothing but pride on the line for this game, but we still couldn't believe it. You see, basketball just doesn't do sudden death overtime. They do double-overtime, or triple-overtime, but never 'you get dunked on, you lose'. Not unless there's a good reason, and the good folks at the WBF had one hell of a good reason.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome to the stage, Jay-Z."

See that's just the thing about this event. It was a basketball game, it was a celebration of a sport, a city, and a lifestyle, but it was also a Jay-Z concert. You could feel it in the crowd, and you could feel it on the court: Jay-Z was in the building. Hell, sometimes it even felt like Durant and Co. were playing for their tickets to see Hova perform.

The second part of the video of course is the strangest, and certainly best part. Not ten minutes after winning the game for the blue team and electrifying Radio City Music Hall, Rajon Rondo, along with Derrick Rose and Eric Gordon, found themselves without a place to sit. Yes it's true, apparently the NBA superstars, the LeBron's, Wade's and Melo's were given courtside seats to tweet and play grabass, but the dudes winning the game had no place to sit by the time Jay came out to perform. Someone told Rondo, "Play for Jay-Z tickets!" So he did. And he won. And then he sat cross-legged on the floor like a third-grader listening to a reading of "Shiloh" and watched Jay-Z perform his favorite songs. I'm just kidding. What they ACTUALLY did was kick an old, white guy out of his chair for the grumpy Celtics guard. But still... That awkward ten minutes is a moment I won't soon forget, and neither should you, so send this video to your friends and loved ones... NOW.

*Click here to see a video of LeBron paying zero attention to the game last night.


  1. This is fantastic. No Regard needs to go to more events like this! You hear that people? Hook them up!

  2. This is so awesome.

  3. I don't get it, what's funny. I'm sure they have the money and opportunity to get front seats to any concert they choose. I'm sure this won't kill their happiness anytime soon.

  4. All good, DRose and Rondo not getting their due props...just wait till next season, Jay-Z will be the ones getting courtside seats to watch these stars.